Airsoft SWAT Tactical Combat Gear AIP IPSC Belt with Carbon Fiber Pattern Black


Model: AC0665
Manufactured by: AIP
  • Color - Black
  • Made out of reinforced nylon.
  • Great for IPSC Sporting usage.
  • Competition width 1.5", to fit with all shooting gear used.
  • A removeable Velcro belt loop with AIP logo included.
  • Attach holster & magazine pouch securely and without jogging of moving as you run and jump.
  • Special design 2-belt systems. An inner belt that is worn through the pant loops, and a outer belt that attaches to the inner belt with Velcro.
  • 2-belt system also preventing the need to ever remove the holster and pouches from the outer belt. You just leave it fully assembled and put it on as one piece of gear.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Weight - Approx 310g
  • Width - 1.5"
  • Full Length - Maximum 42" (Size S - Small) , Maximum 45.5" (Size M - Medium) , Maximum 48.5" (Size L - Large)
  • Suitable for law enforcement , military use and outdoor war game activities.

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